Eimear O'Sullivan, Leah Flynn, Grace Roche and Sinead Meaney, who have set up their own company Handy Hands, which sells sensory blankets to help people with Alzheimers (AOD-d).

Four students from Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown are hoping to help members of the community who have Alzheimers through a new mini company they have established.

Leah Flynn, Eimear O’Sullivan, Sinead Meaney and Grace Roche are transition year students that have established a new company called Handy Hands and have produced ‘Fiddle Blankets’ – a sensory blanket with everyday tasks sewn onto it that will help Alzheimers sufferers.

The multi-coloured blankets includes a zip, laces, buttons, a marble maze and textured material and comes with clips that will secure the blanket onto a jumper or waistband.

Leah Flynn, company co-manager, said their research indicates that the methodical everyday tasks and soothing colours on the blanket will calm people with Alzheimers when they are using the blanket.

“If this helps people with Alzheimers, then we have achieved our goal,” she said.

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