‘Preparing for AI in the workplace must start in the classroom’ – MEP Clune

Deirdre Clune MEP.

MEP Deirdre Clune is stressing the significance of learning and development in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption. 

MEP Clune, who is a lead legislator on the AI Regulation in the European Parliament, has emphasised the importance of providing equal access to technological education for young people and employees. 

Speaking from the European Parliament in Brussels this week ahead of the final voting session before the European elections, MEP Clune said, “the workplace landscape has evolved considerably due to technology, enabling connectivity and task automation. We are seeing the increasing prevalence of AI, notably in the legal, financial, creative and healthcare sectors, raising the crucial question of ensuring workforce readiness for AI integration. 

“Having recently adopted the AI Act in Europe – the first comprehensive regulation on AI by a major regulator anywhere – we now need to equip employees with future-proofed skills,” MEP Clune added. 

study by the World Economic Forum projects that nearly half of workers’ skills will face disruption in the next five years due to AI and digitalisation, underlining the urgency for skill development. 

MEP Clune also addressed concerns about ‘AI anxiety’ by emphasising AI’s potential to enhance human expertise and create new job roles.

“Access to adequate training is essential, yet there is a gap between the need for training and its availability. Integrating technological education into school curricula to empower young people must be a core tenant. 

“Furthermore, businesses benefit from digitally literate employees, as investment in learning and development programs motivates higher quality work, boosts productivity, and enhances talent retention. 

“Access to technological tools ensures digital literacy for all. Preparing for a tech-driven environment must start the classroom,” Clune concluded.