Post Offices will remain open as postal service operates as normal

An Post is taking a range of special measures to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff while maintaining Post Office and mails and parcels services nationwide.

An updated statement issued on Wednesday confirmed that the majority of post offices will open early on Friday, 20th March at 8am to facilitate OAPs who wish to conduct their business ahead of other customers.

Post offices have introduced social distancing and other practical measures to safeguard customers and staff. In addition, Post Office staff will capture customer details directly, avoiding the need for customers to handle counter equipment such as signing pads and pens. 

Display boards, floor signs and staff will remind customers to remain apart from other people while in their Post Office.

Debbie Byrne, An Post, Managing Director, An Post Retail says An Post recognises that the coming weeks will be difficult for customers.

“Our hope is that ongoing practical response to the needs of customers will help us playing our part in the national effort. An Post is conscious of our role in helping customers access cash and in facilitating local commerce wherever possible and this will continue.’’

A statement issued confirmed, ‘Due to the exceptional commitment of postal staff throughout the country we endeavour to maintain collection and delivery services for as long as possible.

‘Customers are no longer being asked to sign for mail deliveries requiring signature, rather the Postperson will sign to confirm the delivery in the presence of the customer. Undeliverable items will be kept at An Post local delivery offices for collection by customers on production of proof of address and photo ID.

‘Flight cancellations to and from a growing number of countries is impacting international services’.

The stamp price increase scheduled for March 18 has been postponed indefinitely while the country is in crisis.

DEASP Payments

Special arrangements for post office customers in receipt of payments from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP), have also been confirmed.

In the event of a customer not being able to collect their DEASP payment personally at the Post Office, a nominated person (Temporary Agent) can be nominated to collect the payment on their behalf.

When collecting a payment, a ‘Temporary Agent’ must produce the recipient’s card as issued by the DEASP as well as their own valid photo I.D. e.g. current passport, driving licence or Public Service Card.

To become a Temporary Agent, the recipient must complete the required form, which is available from the Post Office.

The statement continued, “Special arrangements for post office customers unable to collect their regular DEASP payments (e.g. Pensions) are now in place. A nominated Temporary Agent may collect the payment on their behalf, on production of necessary ID and documentation – Details at the Post Office or”

State Savings and An Post Money Current Account services are working normally. Please see for updates“

At this difficult time for everyone, our objective is to ensure the health and safety of staff, the continuity of business for An Post’s customers and to assist the national effort wherever possible,” An Post CEO, David McRedmond said.