‘Pooper scoopers’ now in place on two popular Fermoy walking routes


‘Pooper scoopers’ now in place on two popular Fermoy walking routes

Two of Fermoy town’s most popular walking routes have seen the installation of ‘pooper scoopers’, in an effort to combat dog fouling on footpaths.

Sunday, 31 March 2013
5:30 AM GMT

‘Pooper scooper’ stands have been placed on the Pike Road and Duntahane Road in Fermoy, the recent meeting of the local area committee of Cork County Council was told. The county council installed the facilities at the request of the local Tidy Towns group.

Councillor Noel McCarthy advised that the Tidy Towns group, of which he is chairman, are taking responsibility for emptying the receptacles and making sure they are continuously stocked with plastic bags.

Cllr. Kevin O’Keeffe commented that the bags are too big. He said they were so big that people are taking them home to use for their rubbish.


Fermoy Town Councillor, Tadhg O’Donovan later in the week thanked the county council for installing the receptacles for them, as they’d promised. He pointed out that the Pike and Duntahane roads are two of the most popular walking routes in the town. He warned however that “all work to date will be futile if people don’t fully co-operate by using the bins and ensuring there is no dog foulng in two of the town’s most scenic areas.”

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