Point-to-point restart ‘will only benefit the elites’

KEEPING THE SHOW ON THE ROAD IN 2020: Secretary, Liam O'Doherty (Ballygiblin) and joint treasurer, Patrick Moakley (Kilworth) whose committee staged the Kilworth & Araglin point-to-points behind closed doors in Ballyarthur, Fermoy in March 2020. (Picture: John Ahern)

The Government’s decision to ease restrictions on point-to-point meetings from April 10 will benefit ‘the elites of the sport’ and not local owners, according to a member of the sport in North Cork. 

Liam O’Doherty of the Kilworth and Araglen Point-to-Point, said that the decision will only benefit those who have young horses, who are traditionally the big money breeders and not the hobbyists.

“This won’t benefit the fella with the six or seven year olds. This decision is only looking after the elites. The minister (for Agriculture – Charlie McConalogue TD) has no interest in the point-to-point at all. Politicians are just waffling in the media, they want their bread buttered on both sides. 

“It’s all grand for them saying one thing publicly and then saying something different in a parliamentary meeting. The minister is from Donegal and he has no interest in anyone down here,” he said.

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