‘Please leave us alone’ – New Rathcormac residents subject to antisocial behaviour

A new resident in Shanowen housing estate in Rathcormac is worried about his family as his house is subject to stoning, egging and vandalism on a daily basis since he moved to the house over two months ago. 

In the most recent incident earlier this week, almost half a dozen eggs were thrown at the house.

The resident has reported the incident to An Garda Siochana who will be keeping an eye on the situation. 

“It makes me very sad and we feel very unwelcome. We are pleading with these people to stop doing this and leave us alone. We aren’t doing anything to others here so why are they doing it to us,” the resident told The Avondhu

The individual explained that most mornings he finds stones that have been thrown at the house during the night and only recently, he found his Christmas wreath which he had put on his front door as a decoration, torn and damaged.

He has also had some of his plants damaged, his side gate damaged as well as other incidents since he came to live in the house only a short few months ago. 

It is believed that it is mainly older teenagers who are involved in the antisocial behaviour and the resident is pleading with them to stop.