The North Cork town of Doneraile could potentially see another increase in residential development soon, as planning permission has been sought for the construction of 22 semi-detached houses in Lisnagrough, just outside the town.

The planning application was lodged with Cork County Council recently by John Curran & Sons Construction.

The proposed development would see three agricultural buildings which are already present on the site in Lisnagrough demolished, and 22 semi-detached houses along with four ‘residential serviced sites,’ constructed in their place.

Further works would also be needed including ‘realignment of a section of the existing boundary stone wall,’ and ‘changing existing vehicular access to pedestrian and cyclist access’.

Additionally, the application notes that the proposed housing complex would need to be connected to the public water main, and the public waste water sewer.

The applicants go on to point out that ‘a Natura Impact Statement has been prepared’ and has been lodged with the planning authority for consideration.

A decision on this proposed development is slated for 25 May, 2020.