Calls have been made for a specialist wall display for cremated remains in a local cemetery. 

Cllr Noel McCarthy made the call in a notice of motion at Tuesday’s Municipal District Meeting held online. 

The councillor asked council officials to consider putting a so-called Columbarium Wall in Kilcrumper Graveyard for the storage of urns. He also asked that costs be examined for the structure. 

“We should look at this, there are a large amount of cremations happening now and it would be good to see loved ones being able to place the urns in a place where there are names. 

“Kilcrumper is an ideal location for this,” Cllr McCarthy said. 

He said that other municipal districts were considering building a similar structure.

Cllr Deirdre O’Brien said she had previously entered a motion regarding a similar project at the site and welcomed the new proposal. She had proposed a commemorative rose garden but said she would support a specialist structure.  

Cllr William O’Leary said that it was ‘clearly needed to be put in place for people in the area’. He said that it could be considered for a part of the graveyard where burials could not be carried out because of the shallowness of the soil and the difficult rocky ground. 

Cllr Kay Dawson said she also supported the motion and said she recalled former councillor and TD Kevin O’Keeffe raising the issue in previous years. 

Pauline Moriarty, Municipal District officer, said that work had previously been carried out on the proposal and said that she would revisit the proposal and liaise with providers.

She did caution however, that there was no funding source available.