All the money collected from pay parking in Fermoy since mid 2016 until mid 2017 will be redistributed to different initiatives in the town of Fermoy.

Out of the €48,750 collected, it was agreed at the January Fermoy Municipal District meeting this week that €3,000 will be given to Fermoy Tourist Office as a contribution towards running costs; €2,600 will be given to Fermoy Festival 2017 as a contribution towards their printing costs last year; €7,000 will be given to Fermoy Christmas Lights to help to pay for the new bow at Pearse Square while €5,000 will go to Fermoy Resource Centre Project to pay for a community garden space within the grounds of Fermoy Resource Centre.

The remaining balance of €31,150 will be brought before the members of the Fermoy MD at their meeting in March. Some of the items being considered are parking and promotional signage, lighting for the town park, planters, events and the overspend on the Abbey Street renewal project. 

Cllr Noel McCarthy welcomed the pay parking dividend and was happy that it would be spent back in Fermoy. "There are organisations here that are doing great work in the town and this is a great way to rewarding them and keeping them up and running,"he said. 

Cllr Kay Dawson asked that the money be returned faster in future as it would make it a lot easier to administer the dividend in advance. Cork County Council acknowledges that the return of the divident to Fermoy was significantly late this year.