Following an incident, where rear seat belts separated in a fatal accident in Canada and during a crash in the US in which one person was injured, Toyota are recalling 4,639 RAV4 Crossovers in Ireland, as part of a worldwide 2.87 million call-back.

The company said it was not clear if the defect was to blame – the models to be recalled are RAV4s which were produced between July 2005 and August 2014.

Toyota says the rear seatbelts in the affected models could be cut by metal seat-cushion frames in the event of a severe front crash and might not restrain passengers.

They plan on adding resin covers to the metal seat cushion frames on those vehicles, to prevent any metal pieces cutting the seatbelt in a crash. It’s understood that the procedure should take under an hour.

Around 1.3 million vehicles are being recalled in North America, 625,000 in Europe,177,000 in Japan, 434,000 in China, and 307,000 in other regions.