One-day bootcamp for aspiring entrepreneurs

Andy McManagan, Programme Associate at Republic of Work, is leading the NDRC Startup Sprint event at Republic of Work, Cork City on May 18th.

Start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs are invited to apply for an immersive one-day event in Cork next month, designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in all those with innovative ideas.

The NDRC ‘Startup Sprint’ takes place in Republic of Work, Cork City on May 18th next. NDRC is the national accelerator program for globally ambitious tech entrepreneurs in Ireland and serves as a catalyst for early-stage startups and anyone with the right idea to propel their ventures forward. NDRC’s mission is to help startups succeed at every point of their journey through coaching and mentoring, with a founder-first approach delivered by international experts.

Attendees will be surrounded by like-minded peers and experienced mentors who will help refine their startup concepts and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. Through a blend of workshops, discussions, and keynote presentations, participants will gain practical knowledge, actionable strategies, and the inspiration needed to propel their idea to new heights.

Andy McManagan, Programme Associate at Republic of Work will be leading this year’s event. To submit an application to join the one-day sprint in May, visit