At a meeting of Cork Council on Monday in Mallow, Cllr Frank O’Flynn tabled a motion that Cork County Council would call on the Minister for Education, the Minister for Transport and Bus Eireann, to ensure that children attending schools outside their catchment area are granted concessions or, failing that, that additional transport br provided where there are sufficient numbers.

He said he was referring in particular to the Shanballymore and Glenville areas of North Cork. 

Cllr O’Flynn pointed out that he has met and had several calls, texts and emails from parents of children who raised the challenges regarding school bus transport to him in the Glenville and Shanballymore areas. 

“This situation is causing real stress and anxiety to the parents and pupils, as the traditional school catchment in rural areas has changed.”

Shanballymore had submitted a submission to Cllr O’Flynn from twenty six parents because in September 2019, 19 children from Shanballymore will have to travel to Kildorrery for school bus pick up to get to Mitchelstown.

In Glenville, 16 school children will have to travel to Keame Bridge for pick up at Pound Cross where there is no parking, no set down and no lighting in the winter which is dangerous and a safety hazard.

Because of the large numbers, Cllr O’Flynn stated that consideration should be given to provision of local school bus transport for these children.

Pupils who get a concessionary bus pass can only get one in first year of either primary or secondary school and Cllr O’Flynn stated they should be allowed to keep that pass until they finish school.

The School Bus Transport scheme was introduced in 1968, and reviewed in 2011.

Cllr O’Flynn has called for a full review of the secondary bus Transport Scheme, it’s catchment area which he says is currently not fit for purpose, as it is ‘outdated’ with no flexibility for pupils at present.