November’s US election is the topic that got Ireland Googling most this year

2020 is a year that will never be forgotten and the annual Google Year in Search results give us an insight into what’s been keeping Ireland searching through the highs and lows of the last 12 months. 

Topping the overall Search list is the US election, taking place in November, it captured the interest of people across Ireland. Both presidential candidates featured on the most searched People list with Joe Biden coming out on top, as the most searched for person in Ireland in 2020.

American news channels CNN and Fox News both featured on the top ten overall search results, really showing the appetite people in Ireland had for this landmark election. 

Unsurprisingly Coronavirus, the biggest news story of the year, took the second spot on the overall Search list and its impact can also be seen on the ‘How To’ Search list.

With the onset of the pandemic Irish people turned to Google to help arm themselves against Coronavirus with the first and second entries on the list being ‘How to make a face mask’ and ‘How to make hand sanitiser’, a telling sign of the year in which both became essentials.

The top “What is” searches also give a snapshot into the ever changing Coronavirus restrictions in Ireland with “What is level 3 restrictions” being the top search. 

TV shows kept the nation entertained during lockdowns and the adaption of Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People was the show that got people Googling most this year.

Other shows that got people talking and searching this year were Netflix’s period drama The Queen’s Gambit and Love Island. The Winter of Love Island edition aired in February this year and while there was much speculation, and Googling, about a summer series this year, it was ultimately cancelled due to Coronavirus safety concerns.

It seemed like all of Ireland took up baking to get through the first lockdown and Google’s top recipe searches confirm this, with brown bread claiming the top spot on the recipe list.

Shockingly banana bread didn’t even get a look in as scones, pizza dough, apple tart and soda bread took the Top 5 slots. The most popular cocktail recipes were Strawberry Daiquiris and Margaritas. 

While sport took an unexpected break during April and May this year it still remained as popular as ever with the Premier League occupying the fourth spot on the overall Search list.

Football related searches dominated the Sports list while The Masters and the NBA also featured in the top sport searches.