How Far Would you go for Love … ‘Norah’ by Gerard Humphreys

On Wednesday April 25, The New Theatre, Dublin return to Kilmallock with their latest production entitled 'Norah' by Gerard Humphreys, starring Juliette Crosbie, Hannah Carnegie, Ethan Dillon, Brendan Quinn, Barbara Dempsey, Ian Meehan.  

1981 Belfast – Norah McVeigh is battling to save her brother Kyran. He made the decision to go on hunger strike and has lost consciousness.

Norah is now faced with the difficult decision to respect his political choice or save his life. 

Through confrontations with the British Foreign Office, the Catholic Church, the RUC, the IRA and her own family, Norah’s convictions and loyalties are put to the test. 

With a cast of six, writer Gerard Humphreys has scripted a bold retelling of a tumultuous time in Ireland’s history, recounting the political and moral challenges that faced women as they battled on many fronts to save their families and communities. 

Tickets €15/€12.