Plans for the new drive-thru service at McDonald’s in Fermoy are presently on hold as McDonald’s await the outcome of their most recent submission which is before An Bord Pleanála.

The restaurant, attached to the Circle K service station located at Junction 14 off the M8 motorway, had previously been granted permission by Cork County Council subject to a number of conditions.

These conditions state that: “The use of lands for the hereby permitted drive thru facility shall cease on the expiration of the period of three (3) years beginning on the date of the grant of this permission”.

The reason given for this condition is to allow for a review of the impacts of the proposal.

A number of objections were also filed against the development in the original planning application.

McDonald’s have now put their case before An Bord Pleanála with a decision date due in January 2021.

The proposed development included all the features of a typical drive-thru including directional road marking, customer ordering points, digital menu boards, signage for the ‘pay’ and ‘collection’ areas and a grill parking bay for the waiting area.

The Circle K service station opened for business in May 2018 and an earlier planning permission sought by the developers JR Oronco for a McDonald’s drive-thru facility had been turned down by Cork County Council.

However, McDonald’s opened an in-store outlet at the Circle K facility on January 18, 2019.