A new product range, which is 100% natural and preservative free, that helps prevent colds and infections in young children, is on the market from Clonmel Healthcare.

The two products for relief from stuffed up little noses, Clear Little Noses and Clear Kids Noses, work by cleansing the nasal passage, keeping it free from mucus and limits the occurrence of allergens.

Clear Little Noses baby drops are suitable for infants aged over one month, whilst Clear Kids Noses is suitable for children aged over three years.

The isotonic sea water nasal cleansing spray (and drops) work to maintain daily nasal hygiene by gently cleansing “nasally” nostrils and preserving the natural balance of the nasal mucosa of the infant/child.

Its use improves the evacuation of mucus, which ultimately prevents colds and limits the occurrence of allergic symptoms like hay fever.

By clearing the child’s nose and allowing them to breathe more freely, this also results in improved sleeping and feeding.

All products in the range are available from all good pharmacies in the Republic of Ireland only.

Clear Little Noses Paedriatric aqua baby drops 15ml format, RRP €4.75.
Clear Kids Noses 50ml format, RRP €6.95.