A new App to promote a proactive approach to mental wellbeing has been launched. The Tackle Your Feelings App aims to encourage users to be proactive about their mental wellbeing using sport psychology and positive psychology principles.

The App encourages users to prioritise their mental wellbeing in the same way as their nutrition and taking exercise, instead of waiting for a problem to manifest before taking action. Users are guided through an engaging ‘Training Camp’ programme, which will help to develop their self-awareness while offering a chance to try out different strategies to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.

As a key feature of the Tackle Your Feelings App a number of leading Irish international and provincial rugby players including Iain Henderson, Jack McGrath, and Bundee Aki have shared videos of their own tips and techniques, a unique insight into how they maintain their mental wellbeing and mentally prepare for rugby matches.

The tools and techniques featured in the Tackle Your Feelings App specifically help users to improve their Optimism, Resilience, Confidence, Satisfaction, Relaxation, Happiness and Relationships. Users can then go on to explore some of the techniques that work best for them, taking positive steps towards safeguarding their mental wellbeing into the future. Through setting goals and reflecting on their progress, users can expect to learn how to maximise their mental wellbeing and gain confidence in using practical strategies to help them do so.

A nationwide campaign, Tackle Your Feelings aims to impart the message that people don’t need to be facing a challenge or crisis to work on their mental wellbeing. The App, which is available free to download through the Apple and Play App stores, was launched by Rugby Players Ireland and Zurich.