New all-weather garden for Fermoy’s Jolly Tots

Henryk and Amey space hopping away any Monday blues in the new outdoor space at Jolly Tots Playschool. (Photo: Katie Glavin)

Children at Jolly Tots Playschool have been making full use of the new outdoor play area which is essentially an extension of the classroom.

Speaking with The Avondhu on Monday, Trena Moloney of Jolly Tots Preschool in Fermoy, explained that the investment into the space, which was previously a grass area, now sees children enjoying outdoor play all year round.

“We have been using this space for years but we couldn’t be out here this time last year without all-weather clothing. Now, it’s an extension of the classroom and can be used any time of the day or any time of the year,” Trena said.

Jolly Tots Playschool is a small sessional service located at Fermoy Community Resource Centre in the heart of the town offering two sessions per day and catering up to eight children per session in a safe, caring and inclusive space that helps children reach their full potential.

“Our staff members are highly trained and each session is led by a degree-qualified room leader. Our small group sizes mean that each child gets a unique level of individual attention. This allows us to monitor and promote their development individually.

“Our small numbers are crucial to ensuring that all children get the benefit of the full attention and the experience of our staff.  The smaller setting is less intimidating to children, allowing them to build friendships with classmates and the staff team with ease,” she added.


Parents, as the primary educators of the children, are welcome to give their input in creating a diverse and multicultural setting within the classroom.

“Every year, we celebrate the different cultures of children and their families from all around the world and we love to hear their ideas and bring them to life. We have also been able to hold graduation ceremonies and other parent events outdoors in our new space, so that all family members can attend,” Trena added.

Jolly Tots currently has some spaces under the ECCE Scheme and also caters for children aged from 2 years 8 months under the NCS Scheme.