Mountain bikers take on Glenseskin Wood

Fermoy Cycling Club representatives, who were in action at last weekend's mountain bike cross country competition in Glensekin Wood, Kilworth - Dean Sheridan (centre) along with brothers, Max and Dan McGrath. (Pic: John Ahern)

Some of the country’s top mountain bikers were in Kilworth last weekend for round 2 of the Cross Country Mountain Bike National Point Series. The setting was Coillte owned land in Glenseskin Wood, close to the townland of Killally, a short distance from the village.

This prestigious competition was hosted by Fermoy Cycling Club, who can feel well pleased with how the event went. 


While some early birds arrived on Friday afternoon, things really hotted up on Saturday, which was a designated ‘practise day’. At elite level, every detail is important and in many instances, participants spent hours viewing the terrain, assessing gradient, analysing the surface, highlighting hazards and crucially, identifying areas of the course where hundreds of seconds could be shaved off. It all seemed pretty serious and it was probably was. 

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