The need for more support and information in relation to alcohol and health had been identified, in the latest Behaviour and Attitudes research on behalf of Drinkaware.

These results are in line with the recent Central Statistics Office (CSO) data, which show that Irish people aged 18-24 have the highest rate of binge drinking in the European Union.

Drinkaware is calling on people to carefully monitor their alcohol consumption and have suggested some simple changes people can make if they are drinking alcohol, especially at home, such as:

  • Alternate each drink with a glass of water to reduce the dehydration associated with alcohol;
  • Always use a standard drink measure: never free-pour spirits or wine;
  • Never top up your wine glass – always finish one glass before refilling;
  • Downsize your drink by choosing lower alcohol beer and wine;
  • Avoid rounds – you may end up drinking more than you intended.

31% of Irish people want to drink alcohol less often. To help people achieve this Drinkaware is asking people to track their intake so they can better understand their habits and the effects of their alcohol consumption.

The Drinkaware Standard Drink Measure Cup will make it easier to pour accurate measures and keep track of how much you are drinking, especially at home.

These measure cups can be ordered at, free of charge.