More narrow escapes for narrow bridge

HEIGHT OF MADNESS: Height restriction barriers on Glanworth Bridge were reinstated again this week, having been torn down by an 'over sized' vehicle. (Picture: John Ahern)

The dimensions of Glanworth Bridge should mean it’s out of bounds for certain types of vehicles.

For some drivers however, negotiating this ancient structure is viewed as a challenge, with generally very negative consequences – in summary, the message, like so many large vans, buses, tractors and other farm machinery, is ‘not getting across’. 

The scene of many a historical skirmish over the years (it’s 500 years old) these aforementioned vehicles are now the main threat to Glanworth Bridge. As recently as last weekend, a large vehicle hauled away yet more height restriction barriers (2.6 metres or just over 8 and a half feet). 

This is just the latest in a long series of vehicle ‘run ins’ with the bridge that spans the River Funcheon.

Along with the associated cost to Cork County Council, the fear is that severe and permanent damage will be done if driver behaviour doesn’t change.