Managing director of Rea Refrigeration, TJ Rea, displaying the National Dairy Innovation Awards his company received following the development of 'Coolcare', a ground breaking 24/7 milk monitoring app. (Picture: John Ahern)

At the moment, there’s money in milk. Dairy herds are increasing, so is investment as farmers seek to position themselves to meet ever expanding markets. 

More precisely, there’s money in high quality milk, therefore, it’s vital milk reaches processing plants in optimum condition. 

Mitchelstown based business man and refrigeration specialist T.J. Rea, has a long standing relationship with farmers.

This relationship, in addition to his knowlege of milk cooling, prompted him to come up with ‘Coolcare’ – a milk watch app that continually monitors milk cooling and tank washing performance. 

Having undergone extensive testing and field trials, ‘Coolcare’ is proving a huge hit with farmers all over Ireland. 

“We’re delighted with how the system has been received and the positive feedback we’re getting from farmers. Farmers are seeing the financial benefits, there’s also great peace of mind with the system,” an always busy, T.J. told The Avondhu this week. 


Recognition is always a boost and staff at Rea Refrigeration are thrilled to have received an industry award, acknowledging the practical application and commercial success of ‘Coolcare’. 

“That was good news for all concerned. It shows we’re on the right road and hopefully, the success of the Coolcare milk watch app continues,” T.J. added. 


Before collection by a bulk tanker, farmers must store and cool their milk. If anything goes wrong during this process, the results can be disastrous.

The Coolcare milk app (which is downloaded to the farmer’s phone) constantly monitors the storing and cooling process. It’s devised to identify even the slightest change to the power supply, milk temperature, the water pump, the agitation process as well as monitoring the water temperature during tank washing.