Mitchelstown Library exhibition helps people to trace their roots


Mitchelstown Library exhibition helps people to trace their roots

Tracing family roots to Canada is something which is currently being catered for at Mitchelstown Library, however the exhibition facilitating this is due to end in the coming days.

Thursday, 21 March 2013
6:00 AM GMT

With just days left to view the exhibition in Mitchelstown Library on the Peter Robinson Settlement to Canada, people in Mitchelstown and surrounding areas are using the exhibition information to trace their own family roots back to those ancestors who may have left for Canada in 1823 and 1825.

The exhibition is being run by Elaine Sweeney O'Toole as one of the events for The Gathering and it tells the stories of local families who went to Canada in the early 19th Century, including what life over in Canada was like, how they travelled and where they came from.

Elaine pointed out that for many, whole families would have emigrated, but it is clear from the family lists that some surnames are now completely gone from Mitchelstown, while others are still very strong locally, through other extended family members or perhaps people having returned from Canada.

The exhibition includes the memorandum of terms setting out the conditions for people, the names and details of all families that travelled, a list of settlement areas and maps and extracts from the book 'The Children of the Settlers', written by Colum M Diamond.

Elaine would like to thank Mitchelstown Library, Cork County Library and Colum M Diamond for all of the help she received whilst researching and mounting the exhibition. The exhibition will remain in the library until this Saturday, March 23.

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