A family from Ballybeg, Mitchelstown are at their ‘wits end’ and are terrified that someone will be seriously injured at the gates of their home.

Joe Thornton contacted The Avondhu this week to raise the matter after attempts to solve the problem with Cork County Council have stagnated.

Mr Thornton explained that the situation has been ongoing for two years and he and his family are simply ‘worn out’ from ringing the Council.

The problem, he said, started two years ago when the council removed a grass area outside the wall of their home. Since then, cars and lorries are pulling in right outside his front gate and he and his wife are terrified that someone will be seriously injured.

He said he was told by council officials initially that a solution would be found ‘but not straight away’.

However, he never in his wildest dreams thought that two years later, the problem would still be causing the family sleepless nights.

Cork County Council senior engineer Brendan O’Gorman, said the concerns raised by the Thornton family would not be unique to their property alone.

“Local roads are under increased pressure from increased agricultural / HGV traffic. Yellow edge lining would normally be proposed to keep traffic away from the entrance but as the edge of the road is frayed, lining won’t hold. When the road is overlaid into the future, road lining will then be provided,” Mr O’Gorman told The Avondhu.