A Mitchelstown county councillor has called on the council to carry out a deep clean of the streets of the town during the Covid-19 shutdown. 

Cllr Kay Dawson said that there was an urgent need to clean up and help the area look its best as businesses begin to reopen. 

“There needs to be a deep clean in Mitchelstown. This would involve power washing of the footpaths and also removing rubbish and weeds.

“It is a perfect time to do it as there is little traffic at the moment and we need to come out of the lockdown with as many plusses as we can. It will also help to encourage business and footfall if our areas are looking well. 

“It is important to get Mitchelstown ready to reopen and this is one of the critical ways of doing this and attracting people back into the town. I have asked the council to do this and they have promised to.”

On Monday, Tim Lucey (Chief Executive of Cork County Council) announced a raft of measures and included in this was the deep cleaning of all county towns, as and from Monday.