Weather permitting, the new home of Kilworth Celtic FC is expected to be ready in time for the start of the 2017/18 season, while plans for the new clubhouse on the grounds have been submitted to Cork County Council.

Work on one of the two pitches is complete, though the bad weather at the end of last year has delayed the progress of the second pitch.

Chairperson of Kilworth Celtic FC Gus Shanahan, said the weather has slowed progress somewhat in recent months but they remain on course to commence the 2017/18 season in their new club grounds. “Number one pitch is done and we have grass growing on that, I actually cut it as late as last Friday.

“For the second pitch, unfortunately the weather went against us later on there last year. We had to come away from it because it was a bit wet and there was no point in sowing seed because they wouldn’t germinate with the cold weather, so we put that on hold until the spring.”

Chairperson of Kilworth Celtic FC, Gus Shanahan, lines up the first cut of grass off the newly laid soccer pitch.

Plans for four dressing rooms, a shower area, a meeting room and a kitchen area have been submitted to Cork County Council. Gus added: “The hope is that we’ll have both pitches up and running and available for the beginning of the 2017/18 season. That will depend on the kind of winter we get and the kind of spring and summer we get too. However, if we get a very wet season, that might delay things.”