Mast plan refused for Castletownroche

A telecommunications support structure, proposed to be erected in Castletownroche, has been refused planning permission due to its location within the Architectural Conservation Area.

Vantage Towers Ltd submitted the planning permission application in December of 2021 and Cork County Council has recently refused permission.

The applicant had sought to erect a 30m high lattice telecommunications support structure together with antennas, dishes and associated telecommunications equipment.

It was proposed that the structure and equipment would be enclosed in security fencing, as all associated site works with an extension to the existing access track were also sought at The Close, Castletownroche.

According to Cork County Council, it was determined that the proposed works would be ‘out of keeping with its surroundings’ due to its scale, height and utilitarian nature.

The planning department also determined that the proposal would: “constitute a visually discordant feature that would be detrimental to the distinctive architectural and historic character of the Architectural Conservation Area”.

It added that the proposal would ‘adversely injure’ the visual amenity and appreciation of nearby historic structures as recorded on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.