The skin is the body’s largest organ; not only does it play a vital role in regulating temperature, it also acts as a barrier in protecting the body against infection.

Dry, irritated skin is our body’s way of sending an SOS signal that it is losing its ability to perform these functions. In cold conditions, skin reacts by narrowing the blood vessels to protect the body from losing too much heat.

Sustained cold temperatures reduce sebaceous gland secretion and cause skin to dry out, leaving skin feeling tight, itchy and flaky. Eucerin’s products are clinically proven to be tolerable on dry, irritated and even atopic skin.

Here, we give you 10 winter skincare rules to live by, from Eucerin expert Dr Gitta Neufang:

  1. Stay hydrated – as important in winter as in summer; aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of fluids daily.
  2. Use a humidifier- Cold weather outside and hot radiators indoors can really dry skin out, try using a humidifier when at home.
  3. Use gloves when washing dishes to help avoid hot water and strong detergents, which can irritate skin.
  4. Try to use a detergent without dyes or perfumes, as these can remain on the clothes after washing and irritate dry skin.
  5. Cleansers – it’s vital to pick a cleanser that is effective yet gentle enough not to wash away the skin’s own lipids.
  6. Don’t shower or bathe for too long or with water that is too hot, as this leads to a loss of the skin’s natural moisturising factors.
  7. Moisturise with a moisturiser that contains Urea and Lactate, they help bind moisture into the upper layer of the skin.
  8. Scalp conditioner – for those with dry and itchy scalps, try introducing a leave-on product that will provide moisture to soothe and calm irritation.
  9. Avoid lip licking – your lips out faster. Make sure lips are dry before applying a lip balm. You can use a lip balm such as the Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm as frequently as required.
  10. Don’t forget the SPF! Whether you are hitting the slopes or soaking up the sun abroad, make sure to use sun protection.