Today FM presenter, Louise Duffy says Cleanmarine® For Women made an incredible change to her life over the past two years.

Research carried out by Cleanmarine® For Women over four months with Irish women who suffered with various PMS symptoms, shows there was an average 69% improvement in symptoms including 70% less anxiety, 69% less bloating, 62% less fatigue, 70% less headaches, 77% less forgetfulness and 81% less breast tenderness.

Cleanmarine® For Women, which contains a unique blend of natural ingredients, is proven to reduce the psychological and physical symptoms of PMS.

Speaking about her PMS story, Brand Ambassador and Broadcaster with Today FM, Louise Duffy said Cleanmarine® For Women made an incredible change to her life over the past two years.

“After a few weeks of taking the capsules I noticed a significant change physically; my hair was shinier and my skin looked really clear. But I was really most impressed and relieved to note the change in my moods – or rather the lack of change in my moods.”

Louise’s PMS Tips

  1. Exercise – Even if it’s a brisk walk or light jog, it always eases cramps and that feeling of sluggishness to have a gentle work out. Yoga or Pilates are also great for easing aches and pains
  2. Sleep – Sleep patterns are always a little messed up around this time, so I try to go to bed a little earlier to counteract that.
  3. Dark chocolate – Be kind to yourself, just for those one or two days, if you fancy a big slab of dark chocolate, go for it. I’m an advocate of moderation, but this is not time to deprive yourself.
  4. PMS Playlist – Curl up with your favourite music on low. This is a great way to chill out and de-stress. Everyone should have their own PMS playlist!
  5. Facetime with your Favourites – It’s nice to have time with your favourite people when you’re feeling a little low., whether it’s a partner or pals, make sure to hang out with the people who make you happy.

Cleanmarine® For Women is stocked in Health Food Stores and Pharmacies nationwide, RRP €22.99.