Pictured celebrating the success of the 2019 Building Sustainable Communities initiative at a local level, where Herlihy's Centra, Fermoy donated over €43,000 to Fermoy Rowing Club and Fermoy Community Centre through the community scheme, were Kyle Taggert, Shauna Kelleher, Fermoy Rowing Club; Simon Champ, Herlihy’s Centre store manager; Eoin Bartley and Darragh Sheehy (kneeling), Fionnula Bloom Doran, Olivia Quinn, Jessica Flynn (all Fermoy Rowing Club); Brian Herlihy, store owner; Logan Taggart, Fermoy Rowing Club and Siobhan Keating, secretary Fermoy Rowing Club. (Picture: Jim Coughlan)

A local energy saving initiative by Herlihy’s Centra, Fermoy in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has led to a huge investment of over €43,000 in LED lighting at both Fermoy Community Youth Centre and Fermoy Rowing Club.

The new energy efficient lighting will provide significant saving for the local organisations, with Fermoy Community Youth Centre saving an estimated €5,623 per year, while Fermoy Rowing Club can expect savings in the region of €1,104 annually from their energy bill. Impressively, the Youth Centre saving is the equivalent to powering 7 houses for a year!

Back in 2015 Herlihy’s changed all its lighting to energy efficient LEDs – in 2019, their focus was on refrigeration as they installed all new energy efficient units. 

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