February 9th – 15th, 1917

The position of principal teacher was advertised for the National School, Kilmagner (mixed), Castlelyons, Fermoy. A thorough knowledge of Irish was absolutely necessary for the post. Meanwhile, the Board of Guardians of Lismore Union made it known that they would be proceeding to appoint a Medical Officer for the Tallow Dispensary District for the duration of the war, at a salary of £150 per annum.

At a meeting of Clogheen Union, a strongly worded resolution was proposed by Mr J. Moloney and seconded by Mr W. Leahy, heartily congratulating Count Plunkett on his success at the recent election and offering sincerest thanks to the electors of North Roscommon, for having chosen him as their Parliamentary representative.

The death occurred of Mr M.J. Walsh, Knocklong after a brief illness. He was only in his 29th year and was the eldest son of Mr. J. Walsh, Ballylanders. The deceased had been general manager of the wholesale establishments of Walsh and Sons’ at Ballylanders, Knocklong and Hospital. The death also took place of Mr. John Ryan, solicitor, well known in South of Ireland legal circles for more than half a century past. At 88 years of age he was the oldest member of his profession in Limerick and was solicitor to the Limerick Board of Guardians and District Council. Mr. Ryan was brother of the late Very Rev. Canon Ryan, P.P. Galbally.

At the Kinema Hall, Fermoy a very enjoyable entertainment and concert was given by the officers, N.C.O.’s and men of the 14th reserve cavalry regiment in aid of the St Vincent de Paul Society. During their very brief stay in the town, the men of the regiment were on the best of terms with the civilian population, whilst the officers, many of whom were genuine sportsmen, had a pack of hounds and hunted through the country.

It was announced that the Fermoy Urban Allotment Scheme had been dropped and abandoned. The reasons centered on the fact that the council could not get sufficient applicants to fill the quantity of land offered, that the quality of land available for each applicant was not sufficient to till economically and finally, that Mr Moloney, the owner of the land, refused to divide the land except at an advanced rate of £5 an acre.

The engineer reported to members of Mitchelstown No. 1 District Council that in conjunction with the sewerage scheme for Lower Cork Street, that Mr A. O’Loughlin had refused to allow the sewer to pass through his shop. The matter was referred to Mr KJ. G. Skinner, solr. Meanwhile, an application by John Fox, Kilbarry, for remuneration for trespass in conjunction with a well on his land was referred to the County Council. The engineer also reported excessive waste of water in Mitchelstown with Mr O’Dwyer, Water Inspector revealing that he had reported three cases of burst fountains to the contractor.