KnC – committed to protecting your home

Mitchelstown electricians, Sean Keane and Maurice Courtney, have teamed up to establish KnC Fire Detection.

Drawing on their extensive experience and considerable expertise, they are available to install a sophisticated fire and carbon monoxide alarm system that’s ultra reliable, easy to control, user friendly and very low maintenance. 

Out with the old – in with the new

Most homes have a smoke alarm, an increasing number have carbon monoxide alarms. Fitted with the best of intentions by home owners, they are not maintained as they should be, which is a big problem – a problem that Maurice Courtney and Sean Keane encounter all too frequently. 

“We see it a lot in homes – fire alarms that aren’t working properly; traditional style alarms can be difficult to test, given their out of the way location. Some people aren’t able to climb ladders or stand on chairs to check if their alarms are working – this new system changes all that,” Sean Keane told The Avondhu

THE PROTECTORS: Maurice Courtney and Sean Keane, promoting their new business venture, KnC Fire Detection – suppliers and fitters of the very latest smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. (Picture: John Ahern)

Control and reliability

According to Maurice Courtney, control and reliability are huge advantages with their system. 

“Our alarms can be controlled and tested via a remote switch, which is easily accessible and straightforward to operate, there’s no need for the home owner to physically reach the alarm – it’s fingertip control, which is really handy”.

He goes on to highlight the system’s 10 year battery life.

“This is another big plus, 10 year battery life is remarkable and goes to show the advances in battery technology,” Maurice says. 

A system you can trust – Fitted by individuals you can trust 

As already referenced, Maurice and Sean are experienced electricians with a track record of excellence in the domestic and commercial sectors. They’ve both completed EI fire alarm installation courses and are constantly updating their skills.

For those who wish to avail of it, there’s an accompanying App with their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The KnC Fire Detection system is also very flexible and can be adapted for any size of house, apartment, granny flat, office or work place. 

Free Consultation

Anyone thinking about installing or upgrading their existing smoke/carbon monoxide alarms should contact 087-6629117 for a FREE consultation. Based in Mitchelstown, Maurice and Sean would welcome enquiries from individuals or companies in all the surrounding villages and towns. 

Two Killers – One sure fire solution: KnC

Smoke and carbon monoxide are killers – killers that move quickly and silently through any indoor space. Having hopefully saved a few quid during the pandemic lockdown, homeowners in particular, will look at investing in their homes – the internet, television shows and magazines are full of interesting ideas on how to enhance our homes.

Before undertaking any such renovations, it would make perfect sense to protect your property from fire and toxic gases. In this regard, Maurice Courtney and Sean Keane are on hand with a top of the range system, that could end up being a life saver.

CONTACT: KnC Fire Detection  |  087-6629117