Kilworth development delayed until March 2022

The site at Pound Lane, Kilworth where it is planned to build 7 units. (Pic: KH-d)

The housing development at Pound Lane, Kilworth, is anticipated to begin in March 2022, after the project was stalled owing to the increased price of materials and associated costs of building works. The project is now estimated to cost €1,841,182.

Plans are in place to build seven units, six two-bed houses and one three-bedroom house. The project originally went to tender over 12 months ago, in July 2020.

Cllr William O’Leary raised the issueof the delay at a council meeting on Monday of this week.

In July of this year, the council reported that the contractor who was hired to do the development through the public tender process had to withdraw their bid, after they found they could no longer stand over the submitted price quotations.

Subsequently, the second-lowest priced contractor had to withdraw for the same reasons.

At the time, price increases of “between 5% and 15%” were blamed, as was Brexit and international demand on goods.

This week, the council advised that the whole scheme had to be re-tendered, and they are currently assessing the submission of the lowest tenderer.

Owing to administration, including seeking department approval, insurance reviews and the issuing of a letter of intent, a start date of March 2022 is anticipated.

The increase in the cost of building materials has been blamed on several factors, including stockpiling in advance of Brexit, the giant cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal, and labour shortages.