Kilworth book sees 4th print run

Anticipating that there would be limited interest, the first print run of Ballinacarriga, Kilworth – A house, A family, A village by local author, Noel Howard was modest when the book was published in April.

Favourable reviews on Amazon (“Well researched and really good mix of fact and commentary, contextualises the big house within a small community.”), the Irish Examiner (“…an accomplished piece of research”) and The Corkman  (“A fascinating new book… “) has meant the book is now in its fourth print run. 

Mentioned a lot in the reviews is the formidable, philanthropic Miss Lucas (1855-1925) whose kindness and generosity made a difference to individuals and families in Kilworth when times were hard. Hers is a name that still resonates with some older people in the village and surrounding areas.

Word of mouth has also helped make the book much more successful than the author thought. In particular, reference has been made to the book helping local people who may be gone from Kilworth to connect again with the place they grew up in.

Even though the reproduced 1841 map may be nearly two hundred years old, it still features landmarks still evident today.

The book is available in Centra and Carmel’s Garden Centre in Kilworth; The Favourite, Mitchelstown; Fermoy Bookshop, Bermingham’s and Hanley’s in Fermoy; Allen’s in Araglin; Centra, Glanworth and Vibes & Scribes in Cork, as well as online through Amazon.