Pictured on the Castlefarm roundabout in Mitchelstown are Charlie McConalogue, Minister for Agriculture, with Peadar Collins, Director of the Irish Tree Centre, Kildorrery. Peadar is the sponsor of the Castlefarm roundabout & supplier of trees on the avenue of the Dairygold Calstlefarm Complex. (Picture: O'Gorman Photography)

Kildorrery business owner and horticulturist Peadar Collins, is proud of his ongoing sponsorship agreement, which ensures the continued maintenance of the Castlefarm roundabout in Mitchelstown.

Last week, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue visited the Dairygold Plant in the town and met with CEO Jim Woulfe, who is due to retire from the organisation later in 2021.

The minister’s visit was part of a national tour of re-engagement and meetings with fishers, farmers and food producers as lockdown restrictions ease.

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