Just one facility?


Just one facility?

Before the town council is wound up by this government there is one item I wish to see in place in Fermoy Town Park.

Thursday, 21 February 2013
12:00 AM GMT

Before the town council is wound up by this government there is one item I wish to see in place in Fermoy Town Park and that is a new state-of-the-art playground for the children of Fermoy. I don’t believe that there is a parent or grandparent in this town that would not agree. If the only money available, The Development Contributions Fund, is not ringfenced soon, there is little or no chance that this facility will ever be replaced down the road.

While the playground is adequate at present, it needs quite a number of adjustments and repairs and my worry is that in three or four years time the main portion of the timber will need to be replaced – there is a short enough lifespan in these playgrounds.

When it came to my notice there was a large amount of money in the D C Fund – this is money collected in this area and can only be used to fund a local amenity, I realised that if unused, it will probably be absorbed into the coffers of the county council,after the demise of the town council.

The town clerk fully supports what the Town Park Committee and myself are trying to achieve, namely to provide this playground. I believe that a new playground would also enhance the park which is our greatest asset in Fermoy, although we can often take this for granted. Can you imagine the number of extra visitors with families that would frequent the town. It would enhance tourism and business here.

The secretary of Fermoy Town Park Committee presented a draft strategy to the town council recently. I would like this strategy, in its entirety, to be presented through this newspaper, to the people of Fermoy, for their feedback and suggestions. I felt that the response from some of my fellow councillors was anaemic to say the least.

I have put forward a motion for the council meeting next Tuesday that the councillors agree to spending the fund on a new playground. I would ask them for once – no political blustering – no red herrings, if they have any real interest in the children of this town, to support the moton. Could we have just one facility in this town that cannot be moved to Mallow?

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