Jules Rules live in Kilcoran for Women’s Little Christmas

Kilcoran Lodge Hotel are looking forward to hosting a very special Nollaig na mBan, with star comedian Jules Rules (Julie Burke) on-hand to entertain the hard-working ladies of the whole region. Julie gained a significant social media following during lockdown with her witty ‘Irish Mammy’ videos.

The hotel are thrilled to share the Irish comedian’s first live gig with their customers on Women’s Little Christmas on 6th January, 2023. The evening kicks off a with a bubbles and mulled wine reception to celebrate women, celebrate in style, and celebrate friendship! To accompany the drinks, nibbles and sweet treats will be provided before the special guest appearance of Ms Jules Rules.


Ms Burke is at home and rehearsing on the day The Avondhu calls, prepping hard for this very special gig. Born in Derry, and from Galway, it was a friend of her’s who said, ‘Why don’t you go and do videos on social media, cos you’re really funny!’. Lockdown came, and Julie took the opportunity.

“The first video I put up, on the ‘Irish mammy in the supermarket’, it went viral, and I thought, oh great – people can really relate to this.”

“My videos are all about, ‘Oh that’s just like my mammy’, or ‘That’s something my mam does.’ I don’t curse in my videos either; it’s family comedy. I think in order to be funny you don’t have to be cursing or effing and blinding, and it’s comedy for everyone.”

Ms Burke says she’s very excited to be performing in the beautiful Kilcoran Lodge, but isn’t nervous yet.

“I’m so excited! I don’t really get nervous, though it’ll probably happen 10 minutes before I go on. I booked today off just so I can rehearse in a quiet house. I have two teenagers and a husband, and they’re brilliant; they clear the decks if I say I want to rehearse again and just have a bit of time on my own. These lovely women from Kilcoran Lodge contacted me and said it’s their first Little Womens’  Christmas in a while, and I’m really excited to be there.”


Following Julie’s set, live music courtesy of ‘One Way Round’ will keep things going followed by DJ Frances to round off the night. All the night’s entertainment is provided for just €40, and accommodation is provided for another €40 per person sharing.

Event organiser Kim Connolly said that the affordability of the evening is essential, and is conscious of those searching for Christmas presents too.

“It’s very affordable in these tricky times! There’s no point in having a beautiful event to look forward to if it’s going to cost a lot of money. It’s about creating something wonderful, that is affordable. This would make a brilliant Christmas gift for any moms, sisters, aunties, and cousins or wives”

Tickets are now on sale from reception at Kilcoran Lodge. Drop in to get your’s today, or call the hotel on 052 7441288 to secure your seat for a great evening.