John "Chippy" Condon – RIP


John “Chippy” Condon – RIP

The club’s lotto draw was cancelled this week as a mark of respect to dear friend, John “Chippy” Condon, RIP. Here we remember with fondness his time as a supporter of Kilworth Celtic FC.

Thursday, 25 April 2013
4:15 AM GMT

On Monday morning, 22nd April the club received the sad news that John “Chippy” Condon had passed away. As all our readers and supporters will know, Chippy, as he was known by all in the parish surrounds, was a huge supporter of the club and was very instrumental in fundraising for the club.

John became involved in the club a number of years ago when selected parishioners were asked to get involved in a land purchase opportunity and remembering back on the time, Chippy made a promise that he would help the club in every way possible, as he could see the work the club were putting in over the years and felt he could not leave the club down in their efforts to secure a place to call “home”. True to Chippy’s word he became the club’s lotto seller in chief and was one of the main reasons why the club recently were able to secure the site, which will become known as Sheila Flynn Park.

Chippy was a fantastic character and indeed his son Shane (Gerdie) Condon was in the Kilworth Celtic FC team that won the 1st division title and Liam Fitzgerald Cup in the early years, which is one of the reasons why Chippy wanted to help the club to move forward. He was a relentless lotto ticket seller for the club until very recently.

Chippy’s character and demeanour when selling the weekly lotto tickets endeared him to one and all and I saw Chippy’s ticket selling power first hand many moons ago, which will live long in the memory and sums up the man and what he meant to the club. On this particular occasion Chippy was busy chatting and selling tickets as he went along, when one particular visiting gentleman entered the bar. This particular gentleman was not a great ticket buyer per se, but needless to say this was something that inspired the Chippy in terms of his selling ability. Patiently biding his time before striking up a humorous conversation with the man, he asked “Do you want to buy a ticket for the lotto?” “I wouldn’t be a big gambler for that kind of thing” or something to that effect came the reply. “Well, there’s no gamble here said Chippy, because your supporting a local soccer club so it’s an investment opportunity even if you don’t win the jackpot!”. And with that, the man bought three tickets.

Now that’s what made him the man he was. Chippy had a likeability factor and his sales techniques usually secured an additional lotto purchase, as well as a story or three that would have everyone within earshot chuckling.

To his wife Mary, son Shane, daughter Collette and extended family, we extend the club’s heartfelt sympathies and condolences. There’s only one Chippy and the man will live on as a legend in the club’s history books. A great character, a great supporter, a great friend and a man who will never be forgotten. Everyone in the club are deeply saddened, but also forever grateful that we came to know Chippy and were blessed to have his support and friendship over the years. Rest in peace Chippy.


As a mark of respect to John “Chippy” Condon, there will be no lotto draw this week. All tickets already purchased for the draw this week will be valid for next week’s draw. Next week’s jackpot €1,250. Draw will take place in The Butchers Bar at 9pm sharp. Tickets on sale locally for €1.50 and as always, all support is very much appreciated.

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