ISPCA rescued kitten. (Pic: ISPCA)

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has launched a Free Online Will Writing and Will Amendment Service to coincide with My Legacy Awareness month during November 2020.

As legacies are an important source of income for all charitable organisations, anyone who uses this service can include any cause they care about.

Lylah O’Beirne, ISPCA Head of Fundraising said: “This November, the ISPCA is encouraging everyone to make a Will, to have the peace of mind of knowing that those they care about will be looked after and their wishes respected. 

“Once family and friends have been taken care of and all other important personal decisions have been made, many people like to leave a gift to a charity or cause that they care about. You don’t have to include a gift to the ISPCA in your Will to use this free service, but we would love it if you do. 

“Remembering a charity such as the ISPCA, means that your legacy will live on, helping to create a better life for so many vulnerable animals that we rescue from the most appalling situations.”

The ISPCA is a member of My Legacy; an umbrella group of 70 Irish charities working together to promote the importance of making a Will and asking people to also consider leaving a legacy gift to their favourite charity.

ISPCA rescued puppy. (Pic: ISPCA)

Lylah added: “Leaving a gift to the ISPCA is a life-changing, often life-saving gift to those animals who need us the most. Legacies enable us continue our vital work knowing that funds will be available now, and into the future to help save and protect animals who are voiceless. 

“If like us, you are an animal lover and care deeply about animal welfare, then leaving a legacy gift to the ISPCA is a great way to support our work”.

Last year, the ISPCA received 12,305 calls for help made to the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline. 3,417 investigations were carried out by our Animal Welfare Inspectors and 923 animals were seized or surrendered and brought into ISPCA care.

To find out more about our Free Online Will Writing and Will Amendment Service, please visit our website here