Irish Water has no plans to upgrade Glanworth Waste Water treatment Plant

In correspondence seen by The Avondhu between Irish Water and the Northern Committee of Cork County Council, the organisation stated that it ‘currently has no plans to upgrade Glanworth Waste Water Treatment Plant.’

Irish Water elaborated, saying: “We prioritise projects and programmes based on new and better information, updated timelines as projects progress and new and emerging news in our water network”.

They concluded by stressing that the delivery timeframe for upgrading Glanworth Wastewater Treatment Plant could not be confirmed.

Cllr Frank O’Flynn expressed his disappointment with the response provided by Irish Water.

Referring to the initial installation of the treatment plant in Glanworth, the councillor said: “We were told that there weren’t enough houses for the plant to operate effectively at one point. They said the usage wasn’t up to the certain percentage that you need for it to operate sufficiently.

Continuing, Cllr O’Flynn said: “We’re now told that the existing plant will not meet the present and future needs of any development in relation to industry or houses. And houses are very badly needed in Glanworth,” he concluded, calling for the Committee to contact Irish Water once again on this issue.

Water outages occurred in the Glanworth/Dunmahon area on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

This was due to pump installation works but supply was expected to be restored after 4pm on Wednesday.