You made a second child hoping that they will keep each other busy. Little did you know that your troubles will double and the noise levels in your household will multiply tenfold.

The long, hot bubble bath that you have been dreaming of for ages like a young man dreams of a sporty supercar? Forget about it. You are lucky if you can get your partner to distract the bambinos long enough for you to do a quick wash-up. If you don’t have this luxury, you might end up showering during your morning commute.

You have no escape. Nobody is going to raise your kids for you! But a brand new Irish company, funded by the team behind the highly successful furniture business Custom Made, is here to help.

“We are attempting to build a parents’ first-aid kit. Small, free apps that you can use to get rid of the most common annoyances.” said Edward, the chief project manager.

Their first web app, Who Will Take the Top Bunk?, is meant to make quick decisions for you. If your kids are quarreling over who shall wear the Spider-Man hoodie today, being the first too take a bath, or to sleep on the top bunk of your new bunk bed, this app will randomly choose a kid for you so that you don’t have to pick a favourite.

“It’s quick and fair” said Edward. “You type your kids’ names, and the app will choose a winner at random. By letting an app make the decision, it is detached from you as a parent, and little Jerry won’t hate you for letting his brother play with Teddy first.”

“We will keep making helpful apps for parents, and release them completely free of charge.”

“This is just our first tool. We will keep making helpful apps for parents, and release them completely free of charge. If you are a parent, you need all the help you can get. And if we can make it automatic, we will. We are fighting for you.” declared Derek, leader of the team and parent of “too many”.

The “Who Will Take the Top Bunk?” web app is part of their new online bunk beds store,, which is the first one of its kind in Ireland. The team has been preparing for the launch for months, and the website finally saw the light of day a few days ago. They sold over 20 products in the first 24 hours after launch – and while it might be too early to consider it a “smashing success”, it is definitely an impressive feat.

At the beginning of this article we said that nobody is going to raise your kids for you. Not as of now. But it’s through young, motivated teams like this one that we hope to get there … someday!