Most Irish adults have been pulling sickies since their primary school days and it seems the dishonest dodgy tummy is widespread with 63% of NOW TV survey respondents using it as their most frequent false illness, followed closely by a counterfeit cold or flu at 32%. 

Surprisingly, the hangover didn’t top the list as the most common reason for staying at home (15%), but it’s wanting more time in bed that most makes us want to stay at home under the covers (30%).

Time for Ireland’s employers to introduce a Duvet Day policy perhaps?

According to the research, over a quarter (26%) agree that Wednesday, hump day, is the best day to pull a sickie, the reason being it’s less suspicious than a day closer to the weekend and it splits up the week – smart sickies!

While pulling a sickie seems like a great idea at the time, one in four (25%) workers say they feel guilt ridden and the biggest consequence of coming down with a dose of the phony flu is the work that awaits when you get back to the office (45%). 

When it comes to social media, 70% avoid posting anything on their accounts when faking an illness to avoid getting caught out by their boss.

However, 17% claim there are no consequences in calling in sick and feel guilt free to enjoy their day!

National Sickie Day was this Monday, 5th February.