Ireland’s first hearing loss documentary airs on World Hearing Day

Brendan Lennon, head of advocacy and communications at Chime, the national charity for deafness and hearing loss (left) with hearing aids wearer, John Dixon, pictured in advance of World Hearing Day 2023.

Ireland’s first-ever documentary on the subject of hearing loss, which was created in close collaboration with Chime, the national charity for deafness and hearing loss, will make its debut TV broadcast on World Hearing Day, Friday 3rd March.

The 50-minute subtitled documentary titled ‘Hearing Loss-Through the Noise’, which will be broadcast at 7 pm that day on DCTV (Virgin Media channel 802), explores the link between declining hearing, dementia and depression as people age.

Through the compelling personal stories of four people, it explores the effects of hearing loss on individuals and their families, isolation, mental health and the brain, and the power of hearing aids to improve lives.

It also includes interviews with Brendan Lennon, head of advocacy and communications with Chime, health professionals, researchers, scientists and other experts in hearing loss. It highlights how important hearing aids can be for an affected person’s mental health and wellbeing and to their continued participation in social activities around them.  

Hearing loss is the third most common health condition and the most common in older people. According to the HSE, 8% of all adults (300,000) have a moderate or greater hearing loss and need audiological intervention. A further 300,000 have a mild hearing loss.

It is sometimes seen as something that affects only much older people – but in a large national survey commissioned by Chime in late 2021, 43% of people in their 50s said they had noticed a deterioration in their hearing. 

Chime wants the documentary to shine a light on the importance of tackling hearing loss as early as possible and help to trigger decisive action from the Department of Health in the development of a long overdue and much needed national hearing care plan.

‘Hearing Loss – Through the Noise’ will be broadcast at 7pm on World Hearing Day, Friday, 3rd March 2023, on DCTV, Virgin Media Channel 802. Following the broadcast, it can be viewed in subtitles and with Irish Sign Language presentation on