A horse which had injuries to its head and body had to be put down humanely in Tallow recently. 

The incident happened on the night before Tallow Horse Fair and the Gardaí contacted Andrew Quinn of Waterford Animal Welfare to say there was a horse in a lot of pain which needed to be attended to.

A vet from Lismore Vets attended to the animal and unfortunately, it had to be humanely put down. 

It is understood that the horse was being driven bare back up and down the streets of Tallow by a group of youths.

However, other reports suggest that the horse may have injured himself in a horse box. 

Andrew Quinn told WLR FM that it was very upsetting for everyone but stressed that this is 'an unusual occurrence'.

The Avondhu received many phone calls from concerned citizens on the matter, with one individual saying: "It's a disgrace for an animal to suffer like that at an event that should be constantly monitored by animal welfare and gardai. What that poor horse probably suffered on a daily basis is shocking to think. I feel sick as a human being that such things are not dealt with more severely."


Waterford Animal Welfare were in attendance at the Tallow Horse Fair to monitor the annual gathering.

In relation to the welfare of animals at the fair, they said: "In all, everything was okay, except for the lack of water for the horses to drink. Towards the mid afternoon we rescued a 4 month old filly. Following frank discussions with the owner, she (the pony) was seized, with the help of the Gardai and a damning veterinary report (which) was issued on her condition."

The pony is now recovering at My Lovely Horse Rescue in Cork.