Livestock and cattle in particular are prone to a range of ailments – one the most common being cattle lameness. Left untreated, lameness will adversely affect animals, resulting in rapid weight loss.

English based veterinary surgeon, Roger Blowey, is a world renowned authority on cattle lameness and on Wednesday 22nd February, he presented a very informative talk before a good sized crowd in Corrin Event Centre, Fermoy.

Among his key points were, the importance of swift intervention when lameness occurs, the critical role foot bathing has in preventing infection and key pointers when it comes to the treatment of hoof lesions.

There were also contributions from representatives of Biocel Ltd, who produce a range of milking parlour hygeine products, Provita, who supply semi-automated footbaths and Whelehan Animal Health.

Following the presentations, there was an question and answer session, where Roger supplied solutions to a variety of hoof related conditions.

Roger fielded additional queries following the seminar. Feedback from the audience was very positive, with many commenting on Roger’s breadth of knowledge in dealing with a problem that has the potential to permanently injure cattle and affect the profit margins of farmers.