New figures on the Covid-19 data hub see cases in the Fermoy Local Electoral Area (LEA) double.

The most recent data available shows a 14 day incidence rate per 100,000 with the Fermoy Local Electoral area having reported 18 cases within that time period. 

This means that cases in the Fermoy LEA have doubled in cases since the first data set, that reported 9 cases from the September 1 to 14 time period.

The rate per 100,000 in the Fermoy LEA people is now at 49.4. This area stretches from Mitchelstown to the edge of Watergrasshill, and from Doneraile to the Waterford boundary with a population 36,406.

The Cobh LEA which houses both Watergrasshill and Carraig na bhFear has increased significantly with 13 cases during the 14 day period, in comparison to the previous data which showed 5 cases in the area.

With a population of 34,117, this puts the Cobh LEA at a rate of 38.1.

However, the Cappamore-Kilmallock, Lismore and Cahir LEAs remain relatively unchanged, reporting less than 5 confirmed cases in each area.

The Covid-19 data hub is an interactive map that was recently released to the public and pinpoints confirmed cases of the virus down to local electoral divisions.

At the time of writing, the most recent data update provides information from September 8 to September 21.