Karen Brosnan, Chair Ceres Network; Karina Pierce, Ceres Network Member, Fiona Muldoon, CEO, FBD Insurance and Pamela Byrne, CEO, Food Safety Authority of Ireland announced the details of the FBD Insurance sponsored '€˜Shaping the Vision for Ireland'€™s Agri-Food Industry 2030'€™ conference which will take place in the Convention Centre, Dublin on Friday, November 10. (Photo Mary Browne)

The provision of safe, nutritious food and the challenges for global trade will be the main topics under discussion at the ‘Shaping the Vision for Ireland’s Agri-Food Industry 2030’ conference which will take place in Dublin later this month.

The event has been organised by Ceres, a new women in agri-business network, which aims to develop and promote leadership and diverse thinking within the industry.

The conference will feature contributions from prominent experts in the areas of Irish agri-food and international markets and will consist of two panel discussions, followed by an open-space session to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking.

The first session will concentrate on the need to continually produce safe and nutritious food, addressing issues such as dealing with food scares and the control of antimicrobial resistance.

The second session will focus on navigating the global trading environment touching on issues such as Brexit and Mercosur, the need for innovation in our thinking and process, as well as the opportunities presented in emerging markets.


Karen Brosnan, Chair of Ceres said, “The aim of our network is to facilitate opportunities for critical and diverse thinking while developing and promoting competent leadership for our industry. Our inaugural conference will hear from a host of inspiring industry leaders who will discuss matters of vital importance in bringing the agri-food sector forward towards 2030. Alongside the insightful analysis and expertise offered from our panel contributors, attendees will be encouraged to participate and share their perspectives on what our industry needs to do to remain competitive in an ever-changing global environment.”

The event, sponsored by FBD Insurance, takes place in in the Convention Centre, Dublin on Friday, November 10 and tickets can be purchased from www.eventbrite.ie.

For further information follow @CeresNetwork or #Ceres17.