Fragrance makes the perfect gift for a partner or loved one. However, a fragrance is an incredibly personal product and picking the right one can be a difficult task.

If you already know that your other half loves nothing more than Dolce and Gabbana perfume, you're off to a good start. However, if you're at a loss and a big birthday or anniversary is fast approaching, you'll need some pointers.


Unless you're prepared to spoil the surprise, you'll want to avoid outright asking someone what their favourite fragrance is. Instead, investigate their current collection for inspiration.

Is there an almost empty bottle of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue sitting idle on the dressing table? Take this as a clear sign that a replacement bottle will go down well.

Is there a mixture of different brands and fragrances? This can make singling out a selection more difficult, but not impossible. Take note of all the varieties you see to help narrow down your search for the ideal present.


Unless you're an experienced perfumer with a great nose, you'll want to avoid relying on base, top, and heart notes to steer your search. While understanding these fragrance characteristics is useful, it's better to approach the different perfume categories to help you make a decision.

These categories are fairly broad, making it fairly straightforward to select a new perfume based on someone's existing preferences.

First up, there are floral perfumes. As the name suggests, these fragrances are rich in floral notes and tend to be the go-to choice for many women.

Next up, there's the fresh category of scents. These fragrances tend to be loaded with citrus notes. Expect hints of lemon and orange, as well as more subtle aromas like bergamot. If you're looking for the ideal summer scent, go for something from the fresh category.

Looking for something more elegant? It's worth exploring the fougere category of perfumes. Sometimes, these scents are called aromatics. They tend to offer a delicate combination of herbaceous notes, along with hints of lavender and oak.

Generally speaking, this category is more typical of male fragrances. However, you'll still find a decent range of feminine scents being marketed under this label.

Oriental perfumes are quintessentially feminine fragrances. They're full of exotic character, boasting scents associated with the Middle East and Asia. They may seem musky at first, but there's a lot of subtle character at work here.

You'll know you're dealing with an oriental scent if there are notes of vanilla and sandalwood. Perfumes in the woody category are similar but lack the exotic elements you'll find with oriental scents.

Chypre fragrances are something else to consider. If you're searching for something feminine and elegant, these fragrances are the way to go. The top notes of these perfumes tend to be sharp and citrusy, with hints of moss and oak at the base.

Finally, there are gourmand perfumes. These playful scents take their inspiration from the world of confectionery. Expect sweet caramel and dark chocolate notes as the standard here.


When it comes to buying a new perfume for someone, don't assume you can introduce them to something brand new. If you're looking to surprise them, research their existing favourite to find out what category it falls into.

With this information at your disposal, head online or pay a visit to the fragrance counter to find something that falls into the same camp.