Hopes Presentation Convent roof can be saved

The Presentation convent and chapel which have dominated the Fermoy skyline for decades. (Picture courtesy of John Murphy)

The roof of the Presentation Convent chapel in Fermoy is to be looked at by an engineer according to former town mayor, John Murphy. 

Mr Murphy said that he has been in contact with the Bishop’s secretary in relation to the old Presentation Convent which is beginning to fall into disrepair and was delighted to be told recently that an engineer is due to examine the roof of the chapel. 

“It would be a terrible shame to see it deteriorate any further. As you drive into Fermoy from the Dublin side and you look up, you can see these beautiful buildings. They are part of the history and heritage of Fermoy,” Mr Murphy told The Avondhu. 

“I’m delighted to hear that there will be an engineer coming out to examine the roof with the view to repairing it. It’s so important to restore this building to its former glory,” he added.