Killavullen won out the Fitzgerald Hurleys sponsored Junior B 1 North Cork championship on Saturday night last, 26th August against Araglin on a final score of 2-12 to 0-13.

For 45 minutes of this game, Killavullen were equalled by Araglin, in terms of intensity and effort, but in the last 15 minutes and with the aid of a strong bench, Killavullen were able to pull away to win.

Liam Cronin got our initial score in the 3rd minute but Araglin got that score back from their full forward. Liam was next to score again, on the 9th minute from a 65 metre shot, after a goal bound effort from Barry Murphy was deflected outside of the post. Araglin replied with a point from their corner forward. We were finding the going particularly tough and we were off the pace for a while, and did not score again until the 21st minute, again from Liam, and from distance. Liam’s immediate marker, for Araglin scored a point in the 23rd minute, and then Araglin went into the lead with a point from a free in the 24th minute. A long delivery from Ian O’Gorman was kept in play well by Charlie Lillis, who batted the ball across the square, and it was finished to the net by Jack O’Connor, in the 26th minute, justifying his selection.

Araglin responded positively to that setback, and scored three frees before the interval, all converted by their corner forward, to lead at the interval 0-07 to 1-03.

Harsh words were needed at that juncture but to be fair, the players themselves knew that their performance here to now, was not good enough.

Araglin scored the opening point in the 4th minute, again from their accurate corner forward, before Barry Murphy slipped a neat point over the bar, in the 7th minute, but Araglin got that point back in the very next minute, again from a free. Ian O’Gorman, quiet here to now, then thundered into the game, and scored in the 10th minute. Then Seamus Fox and Ian O’Gorman combined to set up Liam Cronin, who had ghosted in, near to goal, and though he had a bit to do, he fairly blasted the ball to the back of the net, in the 10th minute. It was now 2-05 to 0-09.

They got another point from their substitute, right out on the end line, there was a moment of controversy as it was initially waved wide, but the referee went into the umpires to correct the score. Then Patrick Angland scored a brilliant point, after turning on the afterburners, striding up the line, and sending over a majestic point, in the 13th minute. Araglin scored a beauty of their own in response, from a side-line position from their drifting full forward.

Liam Cronin got another point for us in the 17th minute and a point from a free in the 24th, after Barthly Hayes had done well initially. Araglin stayed in touch with a converted 65 metre free in the 26th minute, before Alex Notter, sent a ball way over the bar, probably into the next parish in the 27th minute.  Pa Egan got our final score in the 33rd minute to which Araglin replied with a point from a free in the 34th minute.

Killavullen will be concerned with the 12 wides and the concession of 7 converted frees but will be pleased with the display in the 2nd period especially. Billy Norris was very good over the hour with Eoghan Buckley having an impressive game also.

The final score was 2-12 to 0-13.

The cup was presented by Barry Aherne, chairman of Avondhu GAA board to our captain, Pa Sheehan, who gave a very short speech. Liam Cronin was named man of the match.

The team were: Michael Cronin, Paddy Nagle, Pa Sheehan, Billy Norris, Sean O’Regan, Kevin Fox, Patrick Angland (0-01), Eoghan Buckley, Liam Cronin (1-06, 0-03f), Charlie Lillis, Ian O’Gorman (0-01f), Pa Egan (0-01), Jack O’Connor (1-0), Barry Murphy (0-02, 0-01f) and Seamus Fox. Substitutes: James Fitzpatrick for Jack O’Connor; Barthly Hayes for Charlie Lillis; Alex Notter (0-01) for Seamus Fox and Paul O’Sullivan for Pa Egan. 

Afterwards as we left the field, Araglin sportingly gave us a guard of honour in respect of our county final win. All statistics by Seamus O’Mahony.


Kildorrery ran out easy winners against Killavullen last night, Monday the 21st August in a disappointing final to the U16 Rebel Óg North under 16 B2 White Football league, on a final score of 7-10 to 2-06.

Kildorrery have been much too good for this grade all throughout the league, and will have learnt very little from the 8 games that they played and indeed have picked up lazy bad habits as a result of their superiority.  The fouling of the man, off the ball by 2 of their backs in particular would and should have been picked up by a more diligent referee, and that takes away from what is a very accomplished team, with predominantly excellent players throughout.

The grading committee of Rebel Óg must be bitterly disappointed with their placing.

When the teams met on the 18th of March last, the margin at the end was 6-12 to 2-03 and again, the margin was much the same in the final.

Kildorrery opened with a goal in the 5th minute after both sides had spurned some point scoring chances. Killavullen replied with a point from Mikey O’Connor in the 6th minute. The next 10 minutes or so was pretty even with our best football being played in this period, and our next point came from Brian Cotter in the 11th minute. Kildorrery got a point in the 15th minute and immediately afterwards scored another point. Their next score came in the 19th minute when they scored another goal, and the gulf in physicality and class was becoming apparent. Kildorrery scored the 3rd goal of the opening period in the 21st minute, and try as hard as Fionn Magner and Liam Fox did, they could not hold back their onslaughts. From that point to the end of the half, Kildorrery tacked over 4 points more to leave the score at the interval 3-06 to 0-02.

Killavullen regrouped and tried manfully to stem the tide, Brian Cotter and Eoin Birchill, with Michael Cagney, giving up a lot of energy over the hour. We scored a free by Mark Nagle in the 33rd minute and the same player scored a point from play in the 36th minute, after a strong run, one of many, down through the centre by Fionn, who set him up. Kildorrery got a point back and then another before Darragh O’Grady found the net expertly after being set up by Colm Looney in the 40th minute. Kildorrery stretched out their score to 3-09 in the 43rd minute. Mark scored another free in the 45th minute.

Kildorrery responded with a goal in the 47th minute but Cian O’Connor followed in a shot from Mikey O’Connor to force the ball over the line in the 50th minute, just rewards for a player that was being fouled all night long. Kildorrery brought on their substitutes but this did not weaken their team, and for the last 5 minutes, scored 3 goals in rapid succession to put a very comprehensive look on the scoreboard. We responded with a point from Colm Looney to bring our tally to 2-06.

Overall, 8 games played by Killavullen in the league, with victories over Glanworth, Ballinacurra and St Catherines. Grange gave us a walk-over, and we were defeated by Doneraile and Kildorrery in the normal staging of the league. We received a walk-over from Doneraile in the semi–final to allow us reach the final.

The team cannot be faulted on their individual or collective effort since 18th March, but the end result was very disappointing for all concerned on the night.

The team was: Shane Walsh, Colin Carey, Liam Fox, Michael Cagney, Fionn Magner, Mikey Looney, Brian Cotter (0-01), Eoin Birchill, Ben Hunter, Colm Looney (0-01), Mark Nagle (0-03), Cian O’Connor (1-0) and Mikey O’Connor (0-01). Substitutes: Darragh O’Grady (1-00) for Ben Hunter; Sean Bartley for Mikey Looney and Thomas Mohally for Mikey O’Connor. 


Kilshannig and Killavullen served up a very good game of hurling, over the hour, but especially so, in the first period, in the U21 B hurling championship semi-final, in Mourneabbey last Tuesday evening, 22nd.

Kilshannig would have been buoyed by winning the U21 B grade county title, only last Friday night, and in Mourne Abbey, they emerged winners on a final score of 1-21 to 1-13.

Killavullen were first to score, with Jack O’Connor scoring from a difficult angle in the 1st minute. Kilshannig replied immediately from the accurate corner forward, Kevin O’Flynn. That same player scored again in the 2nd minute, only for Jack to reply again, in the same minute. Charlie Lillis was fouled, as became a pattern in the game, and Jack scored from the resultant free in the 3rd minute. Kilshannig equalised in the 6th minute.

Kieran Twomey was very effective in the half forward line for Kilshannig, and he scored a point in the 7th minute, after he was fouled himself. Eoghan Buckley got our next score from a free, in the 9th minute.

10 minutes gone, and scarcely time to draw a breath. Kilshannig got two more scores from frees  and then another point from their corner forward before Eddie Cotter scored a sweet point for us in the 17th minute. Kilshannig went up the field again and scored another free in the 20th minute.  Alex Notter then scored a point in the 19th minute. The next significant play was pivotal to the proceedings; a long ball from Seamus Fox was followed in by James Fitzpatrick, and doubled on in the air and finished to the net. The referee and umpire consulted and ruled that James was inside the square before the ball, but that seemed harsh, when the goalie had stepped out from his line, in order to try to collect the ball, so it was dubious if anyone at all was in the square when the ball was in the air / square.

Anyway the decision stood, Kilshannig scored again in the 22nd and 24th minutes from frees, while Jack O’Connor did similar for us in the 23rd and 24th minutes. Charlie Lillis was being fouled incessantly by the same player who earned himself a yellow card for persistent fouling. Another major talking point was to evolve, after a long ball into the goal area caused consternation at the back for Kilshannig. Their goalie spilled the ball, then gathered it, and shovelled it out the side to clear his lines. The vigilant umpire said that he threw it and a penalty was awarded. Cian Lankford came forward from his own goals, but did not lift the ball cleanly, and the shot, though powerful, was saved and cleared. Kilshannig got one more point before the break, to leave them in the ascendancy at half time, 0-12 to 0-08.

Kilshannig scored a point in the 1st minute, but Killavullen were right back into the game, when Jack O’Connor scored a goal after 3 minutes, after strong play from Alex Notter isolated him. Kilshannig scored next in the 8th minute, but Seamus Fox scored a long range point from a free in the 10th minute. Kilshannig got two more frees before Jack got a free for us to try to close the deficit. Kilshannig though, got two more scores before the introduced Michael Fresh got a point for us, in the 20th minute.

However the supremacy of Kilshannig was evident in their well balanced team and they scored 4 more points before the end, while we never threatened their goal, and only got two more points, again from frees.

Overall, no quibble with the result, the best team on the night won, and the youthful referee on the night did a very good job and it is refreshing to see a young referee at what is a difficult assignment.

If any quibble is to be made, the grass in the pitch in Clyda Rovers was too long, and not conducive to the type of hurling that both teams wanted to play. It slowed the game down, and the referee had to intervene on several occasions to stop the play, when the ball was wedged in the grass.

Team: Cian Lankford, Gearoid Sheehan, Kevin Fox, Ian Roche, Patrick Angland, Eoghan Buckley (0-01f), Sean Browne, Eddie Cotter (0-01), Seamus Fox (0-01f), James Fitzpatrick, Alex Notter (0-01), Charlie Lillis, Jack Creedon, Jack O’Connor (1-08; 0-05f) and Paul O’Sullivan. Substitutes: Padraig Looney for Jack Creedon; Michael Fresh (0-01) for Paul O’Sullivan; Daren Murphy for Gearoid Sheehan and Jack O’Regan for James Fitzpatrick.


Killavullen were soundly beaten by St. Kevin’s in the final of the Rebel Óg North B1 U14 Hurling League on a final score of 3-16 to 0-08, on 23rd of August. The game was played in Ballyhea. In their full forward and centre forward, St Kevin’s had players of genuine class but the entire spine of this team was very good.

St Kevins had amassed 2-03 before we got our opening score, from a free from Ronan Barry. Both of their goals came from the impressive David Ludgate, at full forward, a name that could be heard on Cork teams in the future. Ronan scored again from a free shortly afterwards. Seamus O’Mahony scored a point from play for us, and our final score of the half, was another free.

The score at the break was 2-09 to 0-04. On the changeover, St Kevins had stretched their lead out to 2-15 before we scored 3 frees towards the end of the game and a point from play from Michael Walsh.

St Kevin’s won the D11 title at the National Feile competitions in Wexford earlier this year, as they were too strong for Mountbellew/Moylough winning by 3-7 to 0-3 in the final. St. Kevins are much too good for the grade of B, and would sternly test any team in the A grade.

Surely that is where they should be. The grading committee of Rebel Óg North have been shown up poorly in this competition, and also in the U16 B2 Grade, where Kildorrery have strolled through the football league effortlessly.  The appropriate grading of teams is an issue that they must address, as a priority into the future.

Killavullen have the daunting task of playing the same opposition (St Kevins) again on Monday night next in the championship, and a reversal of fortunes would seem a tall ask.

The team was: James O’Keeffe, Joseph Cagney, Sean Bartley, Conor Brennan, Chris O’Callaghan, Patrick O’Grady, Kian Lane, Ronan Barry (0-02), Michael Cagney, Michael Walsh (0-01), Seamus O’Mahony (0-04), Jamie Magner (0-01), Shane Walsh, Sean Palmer and Donal Cronin. Substitutes: Conor Griffin, Jack Martin, Oisin Larkin, Colm Nagle, Oisin O’Connor and Kieran Roche. 


Killavullen and Ballycastle Geals played out an entertaining Minor B Hurling League semi-final in Glanworth last Thursday evening, August 24th.

Killavullen were slow to start and Ballycastle took full advantage of this, through some fine free taking and scoring from their forwards to lead 0-7 to 0-2 after 15 minutes. However, Killavullen settled with Jack O’Connor and Eddie Cotter beginning to dominate in the middle of the field. This was the launch pad, along with Eoghan Buckley at centre back and Brian Cotter outstanding at full back for Killavullen, to come right into the game with super points by Mike Fresh, Liam Fox, Eddie and Jack to leave the sides level at half-time, 0-9 apiece.

Padraig Looney now operating at centre forward came bursting into the game with some wonderful points. Jack O’Connor hit three frees in a row to leave a point between the teams with Killavullen noses in front 0-14 to 0-13, before the turning point of the game. Killavullen were reduced to 14 players with 8 minutes remaining and Ballycastle immediately got the equalising point. It seemed as though Ballycastle had the upper hand, but major credit to the players on the field and the subs introduced, a massive final few minutes saw Killavullen put on a superb defensive display with devastating counter attacking to score four unanswered points to win the game and advance to league final with Ballyhea, on a scoreline of Killavullen 0-18 Ballycastle Gaels 0-14.

Team: 1. Cian Lankford, 2. Liam Nagle, 3. Brian Cotter, 4. Darren Murphy, 5. Noah Butler, 6. Eoghan Buckley, 7. Fionn Magner, 8. Eddie Cotter (0-2), 9. Jack O’Connor (0-6, 5f), 10. Eoin Birchill, 11. Liam Fox (0-1), 12. Mike Fresh (0-4), 13. Padraig Looney (0-4), 14. Sean Wolfe and 15. James Fitzpatrick. Subs: Darragh O’Grady for Sean Wolfe and Mickey O’Connor (0-1) for Eoin Birchill. 


Another desperately busy week, forthcoming for Killavullen GAA supporters.

Killavullen v Ballyhea – Under 18 Hurling League final due to be played last Monday, the 28th in Kildorrery – postponed. U16 Hurling League semi-final: Killavullen v Newmarket on Thursday, the 31st in Glantane at 7pm. Under 12 Hurling League: Killavullen Blue v Newtownshandrum tonight in Ballydesmond also at 7pm and Killavullen White v Dromtariffe on Thursday 31st  in Dromtariffe also at 7pm.

Under 12 Hurling League: Killavullen Blue v Ballyhea on Saturday, the 2nd in Killavullen at 3pm. Under 12 Hurling  League: Killavullen White v Doneraile-  on Saturday, the 2nd in Killavullen at 3pm.

All under age leagues are now reaching their conclusion, with a good healthy involvement of Killavullen teams.

Dates are fluid depending on permutations; so, please check the Killavullen webpage for clarification –


The jackpot of €1,900 was not won last Tuesday night. The numbers drawn were 7, 23 and 36. The draw was held in the Haven Bar. The lucky dip winners were: €50 Kennedy Roche, seller Nora Roche; €30 Nuala Cronin, seller Denise Hanrahan and €20 Tom Barry, seller John Beechinor.

Draw also took place on August 29th in Magner’s Bar.